FOCUS in Gymnastics… It’s a SAFETY Issue

FOCUS in Gymnastics… It is a SAFETY Difficulty!
What’s Behind the Capability to Focus?

Focus is the important thing to success… However there’s extra to it than simply fascinated about the talent or routine to be carried out. What’s behind the power to focus? Imagine it or not, what an athlete does outdoors the fitness center is simply as necessary as what they do contained in the fitness center. An athlete’s hydration stage, consuming habits, sleep high quality, and medicines significantly have an effect on a gymnast’s coaching in addition to their efficiency at competitions.

Dehydration… Do you know that by the point you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated? Gymnasts might endure a lack of efficiency of as much as 30% when dehydrated. As little as a 2% loss in fluid will negatively influence your athlete’s physique, thoughts, coaching, and efficiency. Gentle dehydration may cause confusion, irritability, constipation, drowsiness, fever, thirst. Gentle to average dehydration signs embody dry, sticky mouth, muscle weak point, stiff joints, headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, cramping, decreased urine, cool extremities, gradual capillary refill, and sunken eyes. With average dehydration, your gymnast might expertise flushing, low endurance, fast coronary heart charges, elevated physique temperatures, and fast onset of fatigue. Extreme dehydration is the lack of 10-15% of physique fluids and is a life-threatening situation that requires quick medical care. The indicators and signs of extreme dehydration embody excessive thirst, irritability and confusion, very dry mouth, dry pores and skin and mucous membranes, lack of sweating, little or no urination, any urine that’s produced will probably be darkish yellow, sunken eyes, shriveled and dry pores and skin, fast heartbeat, fever, coma, and even demise.

Dehydration of any type is not going to right itself. It’s crucial that your gymnasts drink sufficient fluid earlier than, throughout, and after their exercise. The excellent news is that gentle to average dehydration can normally be reversed by ingesting fluids. The unhealthy information is that by the point your gymnast is reasonably dehydrated they will lose focus. With a lack of focus, your gymnast will probably be vulnerable to damage from an accident. The outcomes could be extreme to catastrophic. Some accidents and accidents might be averted just by ingesting loads of fluids.

Ingesting throughout coaching is one factor, but when your gymnast has not had sufficient fluids all through the day they’ll stroll into the fitness center dehydrated and already be vulnerable to extreme damage. As coaches, we should encourage our gymnasts to drink sufficient fluids earlier than, throughout, and after coaching. How a lot fluid ought to they drink? It’s endorsed that your gymnast drink the variety of ounces in fluid that is the same as half their physique weight for every day of regular actions. For instance, in case your gymnast weighs 100 kilos, their hydration objective can be roughly 50 ounces per day. That’s not the identical as critical coaching time. Your gymnast would drink extra throughout intense coaching. What ought to your gymnast drink? It’s endorsed sports activities drink be used for these exercising multiple hour. Athletes NEED the carbohydrates and electrolytes in these drinks to get by means of coaching safely. Professional athletes are on Gatorade for a motive, as a result of it really works. Do not need to do Gatorade? Use coconut water! Coconut water works very nicely and it is wholesome.

Vitamin in relation to efficiency. With out sufficient carbohydrates, your gymnast is not going to have the power vital to securely get by means of their exercise or a contest. When there are usually not sufficient carbohydrates within the food regimen, the power comes from protein. When your physique is compelled to make use of protein for power, it will get that protein from the muscle. When the physique is compelled to make use of power from muscle regularly it’s tough to achieve or preserve energy and muscle mass. The lengthy distance runner is an instance of somebody whose physique makes use of protein for power. They’ve little or no muscle mass. It’s counterproductive for a gymnast to permit the physique to make use of protein (muscle) for power regularly. Gymnasts want power for coaching and energy to carry out abilities and routines. Lack of power and energy will significantly have an effect on the gymnast’s capacity to focus. Lack of focus may end up in catastrophic damage. There’s not sufficient house right here to fully focus on diet, however you’ll be able to go to Dr Fred Bisci or Dr Joe Kasper’s web sites to study diet.

And eventually, sleep… Everyone knows how tough it’s to operate after we are drained, particularly if we didn’t sleep nicely for multiple evening in a row. How can we anticipate our gymnasts to carry out safely when they don’t sleep nicely? We will not. Think about a gymnast studying a brand new talent or performing a full routine once they haven’t had sufficient sleep. Would you be comfy performing a double again when you find yourself chronically drained? It is tough in your gymnast to focus when they’re drained and this can be very harmful. Your gymnast’s capacity to focus and react is diminished when they’re sleep disadvantaged. Once more, lack of focus can result in an accident, a catastrophic one. It has been confirmed with driving checks that people who find themselves drained drive as poorly as those that are drunk. They can’t react in addition to those that are nicely rested. Do you know that it was Nationwide Driving Whereas Drowsy Prevention Week in November 2010? That is how a lot fatigue results the power to focus and react. About one in each six deadly auto accidents within the U.S. is because of driving whereas drowsy, in response to a brand new research by the Basis for Site visitors Security. I ponder what number of gymnastics accidents are induced as a result of the gymnast was drained attributable to poor sleeping habits. It’s crucial that your gymnast is nicely rested and in a position to focus.

Needless to say when focus is misplaced, accidents can and can happen. As coaches, we now have the accountability to debate hydration, diet, sleep, and even remedy unintended effects with the dad and mom. Plainly many dad and mom don’t understand the direct relationship between on a regular basis life and efficiency throughout coaching and/or competitors.

So I nonetheless say that FOCUS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS, however extra importantly, FOCUS IS THE KEY TO SAFETY. With out correct hydration, diet, and sleep our gymnasts will be unable to focus nicely, placing them in danger. I feel we should always name these danger components – hydration, diet, and sleep – the SAFETY TRIO. It is a fast and straightforward to recollect the phrase that I simply named. The SAFETY TRIO is simply as necessary as the entire drills and conditioning used to organize our gymnasts for brand spanking new abilities, routines, and competitors. With out all of those components, our athletes could also be vulnerable to damage. Better of luck along with your coaching and at all times preserve security in thoughts whereas coaching.

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