Is Australian Football Really “Aerial Ping Pong”?

Rising up in Queensland after World Battle Two, I solely grew to become conscious of “Aussie Guidelines” once I was at major faculty in grade 4. My faculty supplied each Rugby League and Aussie Guidelines as winter sports activities. I selected to play our Australian sport. I quickly learnt it was referred to as “Aerial Ping Pong” by the supporters of the opposite sport which was by far the most well-liked soccer performed within the state.

In hindsight, again within the mid-twentieth century, I can see the justification for this perception. The soccer was usually dropkicked excessive within the air to be caught above the pinnacle or knocked away from the marking participant. Every mark or free kick usually resulted in a stoppage the place the attacking participant kicked the soccer from behind a mark indicated by the umpire. So the sport was considerably static.

After each scrimmage/stoppage, the soccer was bounced within the air for a rucking contest like a tip off in basketball. The soccer may very well be handballed or knocked ahead; kicked off the bottom and the group scored by kicking the soccer by means of the 4 objectives posts. There was tackling however inside sure guidelines. All in all, the soccer spent numerous time within the air.

Nonetheless, the time period, “Ping Pong” implies a tender sport. Right here is the place the nickname of our nationwide sport was so deceptive. Australian soccer is a 360 diploma sport. There is no such thing as a off facet. Gamers could be tackled, pushed or bumped from any course. In these different soccer video games, the tackler is in entrance of the participant. So the gamers see the tackler coming. Added to that time, there are 18 opposition gamers able to sort out, push or bump versus 13 or 15 in these Rugby video games.

The trendy sport of Australian Soccer ridicules that nickname.

It’s the sport that has


  • The most important oval;
  • It has essentially the most gamers concerned of any soccer sport really on the oval taking part in;
  • It’s performed for the longest time.

The trendy model sees gamers operating always from finish of the sphere to the opposite. (The oval is an ellipse about 160 metres lengthy with a width of 120 metres on the centre of the oval. The Rugby sport ovals are rectangular and solely 100 metres lengthy.)


Tackling has turn into a characteristic of the sport. The tackling seen within the sport is as sturdy as is seen within the Rugby video games besides it tends to be one on one tackles. The intention of the tackler is to dispossess the participant of the soccer and put them on the bottom.

As a result of the sport is so quick with numerous operating and fierce tackling in addition to excessive marking, the harm toll has elevated from principally tender tissue accidents to knee reconstructions, concussion, damaged bones to call just some accidents.

The sport has turn into so fast, that it’s now umpired by two or three and even 4 subject umpires relying on the actual competitors at open stage.

A participant of our Australian sport should grasp many extra abilities than within the Rugby video games. The participant should be capable of kick each ft with quite a lot of kicking kinds; handball other ways with each palms; spoil a mark; be capable of bump and shepherd an opponent; dodge round gamers; run swiftly bouncing a ball; choose a ball up off the bottom operating at tempo and kick objectives from all angles.

Lastly, the sport on the highest stage has turn into skilled with virtually each day coaching and taking part in taking on all however four weeks of the 12 months.

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